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See your real time brushing feedback.

Our four-segment LED timer ensures you are covering all quadrants and brushing the right amount of time, 30 seconds on each quadrant. The red pressure light helps guide gentle and effective cleaning. When you have brushed the dentist recommend 2 minutes the green light lets you know your brushing is complete.

Track your improvement over time. 

Use Oral-B Connect to get personalized coaching and visualize your oral health. Get updates via text, email or push notifications through the app.

Brush heads that are round for a reason. 

Our unique round heads with angled cross-action bristles reach deeper for a precise, tooth-by-tooth clean—removing up to 100% more plaque.*

*vs. a manual toothbrush

Refills, right to your door.

Subscribing makes it easy to get the right genuine Oral-B refill head—again and again.

Dentist Inspired.

Designed with dentists for the best possible clean, our electric toothbrushes are the first to be accepted by the ADA.

Curious about Oral-B Sense?

The habit change experts at Thrive Global tried it. See their reaction.

The WiFi-enabled smart console that tracks your daily brushing so you can watch your progress.

The Smarter Way to Effective Brushing

Track Brushing Improvement

Real Time Feedback

Stack Healthy Habits

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A WiFi-enabled oral care system that tracks your daily brushing so you can watch your progress.

The Smarter Way to Effective Brushing

WiFi-Enabled Console

Timed Brushing & Pressure Feedback

Personalized Oral Health Tracking

Custom Refill Delivery

At Thrive Global, our mission is to help people develop healthier habits to end the stress and burnout epidemic and unlock their full potential. We help people go from knowing what to do to actually doing it through Microsteps. Oral-B Connect is born out of the same mission, proving that new technology can help us not only transform routine habits from mundane to meaningful, but also increase compliance and lead to better health outcomes. And by embedding behavior change content within Oral-B Connect’s feedback loop, we can help consumers begin to habit-stack, adding Microsteps like a daily gratitude practice to the 2 minutes they already spend brushing their teeth.

-Arianna Huffington, CEO of Thrive Global

Make the most of your daily brushing.

coming fall 2019

We know to clean our teeth every day—but how do we know we’re brushing at our best? Just 20% of us are doing it the way our dentist recommends: two minutes, twice a day.

It’s what inspired Oral-B Connect: a new smart brushing system, designed to make oral care easy—and even a little exciting.



improve your routine

Anatomy of the smart brush.

LED Pressure Sensor

Custom-color sensors light up when you’re brushing too hard, preventing gum irritation.

6 Unique Modes

Choose from Daily Clean, Pro-Clean, Sensitive, Whitening, Gum Care, and Tongue cleaning.

4-Segment LED Timer

Illuminated pacer guides you from section to section for an optimal clean.

Responsible Data

When it comes to handling your data, we do so carefully and sensibly—and in ways that lives up to the trust you instill in us. Learn more at

Your Data, Delivered

Our smart brush syncs your brushing information to your Oral-B connect account. Track your progress and receive expert tips for continuous improvement.

3D-Clean Brush Head

Angled bristles reach around teeth for a more thorough clean with up to 100% less plaque.*

WiFi-Enabled Console

Tracks brushing and logs progress for a customized view of your oral health.


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Coming Fall 2019


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